Paula White preaching about “True Religion”, overcoming sin, and her testimony on bulimia & anorexia

Taken from the live stream on Sunday, October 11, 2015 at New Destiny Christian Center is located in Apopka, Florida. Orange County Florida.

This video is a part of the audio series titled, “Equipped to Win” and part of the sermon series called “When We Pray, Fast, and Give”

Pastor Paula preaching on the corporate anointing. How the church should operate outside the four walls of the church to help people and make a difference for Christ. All outside problems are also our own problems, such as in the school system problem is our problem because we have the solution

Fasting looses the bands of wickedness that cause spiritual bondage.

Paula gives a testimony about how she would fast while praying for other people. The church as a corporate body can fast for an entire community. But we need to fast just like we pray.

Paula then teaches on besetting sins and explains how they are sins that cannot be broken with willpower only. Besetting sins are not sins of neglect or sins of neglect rebellion.

Paula then gives a testimony on how she overcame bulimia, and anorexia by faith in God. She uses this testimony as an example of what besetting sin is and talks about how it is not a heaven or hell issue, but an issue of freedom or bondage. This would also be an example of suffering from spiritual oppression. This is why a person would struggle in a certain area of habit, but really have a hearts desire to do what is right.


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